Saturday, 6 August 2011

Necklaces for myself

This week has been a productive week. Apart from the pink necklace from the previous post, I also made two necklaces for myself. Unfortunately I love these two so much they are not for sell. Both of them are very simple in style so they will be great for work.

The first one is a Hugh Swarovski cystal in clear colour wrap around by fresh water pearls. It is my first attemp to use wire on my jewellery. The clear crystal is 38mm!

The second one is a replica style of swarovski indian pink lagoon necklace. I am a big fan of Swarovski as you can tell from my work. I decide to make my own as they are not in production any more and they were selling for £70 so I think they were overpriced. They are slightly different in colour to the Original as I want each colour to stand out. I have used Siam instead of Padparadscha as padparadscha is very similar to Indian pink and also I have put more crystals in my necklace than the original too.


  1. Oh, the first one is so gorgeous! I just love it.

  2. Thanks for the kind comment Susie.