Saturday, 27 August 2011

Early post...

I am writing this post earlier than my usual time. It is because my hubby will be away this week and I will be alone with BeBe. Luckily my mum will be coming over to help out. I hurried all my work so that hubby can help me to take the pictures before he goes away.

This week I have been making a few more jewellery. First is a chain bracelet. It is my first time trying this technique and it was quite fun. A lot quicker than my normal beaded jewellery making. I will try more styles later.

A matching earrings to go with it and I also made the earring displays myself :)

Lastly, I also made another bridal jewellery. This time again I have applied wire work on the piece. I am not sure what the center piece look like, originally I wanted to be a butterfly - but it seems it ended up more just like a ribbon.

I will be missing hubby loads when he is away.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bridal collection...

After reading loads of wedding related books, I have finally made my first bridal jewellery. It is absolutely dreamy and it will be lovely to go with any wedding dress. It is made with three different size Swarovski pearls.

I have also made a few earrings this weeks. The loop wire is sterling silver, I wonder whether it is important to use sterling silver finding on your jewellery, but they are so expensive so at the moment I only use sterling silver on my earrings.

I have also made a bracelet to go with the earrings.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Handmade this week

This week is a quite a relaxing week for myself. All of the visitors have gone so the house is quiet again. One month more I will be returning to work as my maternity leave is going to end. Not sure whether I will be able to pick things up again... And also not sure whether I will have time to make jewellery. My sister said to me if I have some spare time I should rest as Bebe still not sleep through yet :s but I told her the closer to the end date of my maternity leave the more jewellery I want to make as I am worry I won't be able to make as many jewellery as I do now. Byway this week I made a necklace - again I used wire on my jewellery, i quite like using wire and I think it is fun.

I am addicted to butterfly this week. :)

And the winner is...

The lovely personalised bracelet goes to Arushi Bhatt. Well done Arushi, I hope you will like the bracelet.

I have already announce what the prize will be for my twitter fan, so here is what i will give away for my blog follower.

It is a slightly longer bracelet so it will fit ladies with bigger wrist.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Thank you and welcome all the new followers

Hi, This week I have held a giveaway on my blog and now thanks for all of your kind attentions, I have a lot more followers on my page. My face book page will reach 100 likes soon so I will be soon announcing who is going to receiv my personalized bracelet.

In the mean time, I have created another necklace using plush pink color fresh water pearls. The pearls were supposed to be vintage and It is from 1920.

Also, I have created a pair of earings to give away for my Twitter followers. So this is what i will be giving away.

The winner will be selected when 100 follower is reached.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

UK Blog Giveaway

Hi, I have just set up another blog about handmade blog giveaway. I love freebie and I love hand craft even more. I've been searching online to look for handmade giveaway but most of the web site I found is USA based so I decide to create a UK one. If anyone have a giveaway from their blog, please feel free to email me I will publish them for free. The main aim is to promote handmade blog and also I don't miss out on Handcraft freebie.

To visit my new blog:

Also on Facebook:

Prize draw

In order to get some traffics to my blog, twitter and Facebook. There will be three prizes to give away. The first prize will be given away when there are 100 people 'like' my Facebook page.

To like facebook page - please follow the link below - The winner will be selected from the people who liked my page. (please note, have to be my fb page and not like my comment)

Jewellery BeBe Face Book Page, click here

Here will be what I will be giving away for my FB fans, a personalised bracelet, of course it will be in a name of your choice.

The second Prize will be given when there are 100 followers on my twitter page. To follow my page please go to twitter @jewellerybebe. The prize will be given to the people who follow my page.

The last prize will be given to one of the first 100 people who subscribe to my blog.

Please note giveaways are for UK only.

And what are the prizes for these two competitions.... The prize will be reveal when the 50 number is reached in the prize draws.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Necklaces for myself

This week has been a productive week. Apart from the pink necklace from the previous post, I also made two necklaces for myself. Unfortunately I love these two so much they are not for sell. Both of them are very simple in style so they will be great for work.

The first one is a Hugh Swarovski cystal in clear colour wrap around by fresh water pearls. It is my first attemp to use wire on my jewellery. The clear crystal is 38mm!

The second one is a replica style of swarovski indian pink lagoon necklace. I am a big fan of Swarovski as you can tell from my work. I decide to make my own as they are not in production any more and they were selling for £70 so I think they were overpriced. They are slightly different in colour to the Original as I want each colour to stand out. I have used Siam instead of Padparadscha as padparadscha is very similar to Indian pink and also I have put more crystals in my necklace than the original too.

Pink champagne

This week I've been out with Bebe to sight seeing as one of my relative was in town. Now bebe wants to be out everyday and she will point to the window and tells me That she wants to go outside. We went to Buckingham palace, big Ben, Oxford street and other places. It makes me realizes how much I love London. The weather was great and it was extremely hot and sunny. The whether reminds me of Hong Kong too. Being moved to the UK when I was in teenage years makes it hard to say where my home is. I guess I see London more of my home as I live/work here and my family is here too but I do wish to spend some time in HK when I retired. Would it be nice to escape the cold weather here and the hot weather in HK and spend six months in each place?

This week I managed to make a pink necklace. The pink is light pink so it is very soft and Subtle. It reminds me of pink champagne. Cheer!