Friday, 13 January 2012

Show Us Your Craft Saturday 03

This is the 3rd SUYC - I have been busy building up and put up more stocks on my website this week so I have not make any craft - However if you have a look at my site ( you will see all of my effort for this week. Magnolia Tilda stamps "sweet crazy love" collection, Unity Stamps and heartfelt creations are in stock! I have tried my best to put my price as low as possible and this is the aim of my business - to bring you craft supplies at a lower cost.

To back to my SUYC - i would like to show you a doll that i made 2 year ago. My husband wouldn't stop laughing at it when i first showed him but now Bebe have been playing with them.

please feel free to link your craft related blog here and please do not link any website/shop website.

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  1. So this time I hve managed to be to early, I will be back later to add my link. I am still working my way through the Serif Craft Artist manual but I have made my first piece of mosaic and made a phone charm.